Sigma, expert in plastic rheology


SIGMA's rheologists team control the latest version of Autodesk : Moldflow synergy 2018 with the last material databases. In this way we obtain the best rheological results.

We can cross-check our results with those of our customers as well as those obtained in metrology

Each rheological study is personalized according to customer requirement.

Our rheological knowledge allows us to optimize the 4 fields below :


  • Positioning and sizing of injection points.
  • Analysis of flow velocities, material edge temperatures, positioning of welding lines and air inclusions.
  • Equilibrium of the cavities at the end of the dynamic phase.


  • Analysis of pressures, volumetric withdrawals, cycle time and production means.
  • Expertise of stress and shear rate.


  • Analysis of deformations, potential shrinkage of the part, fibre orientation and internal stresses.
  • Withdrawals and deformations.
  • Possible overmoulding and/or insert displacement.

Thermal energy

  • Validation of the cooling circuits and pavers in relation to the entire tooling (pressures, flow rates and temperatures of heat transfer fluids).
  • Temperature control in walls and room, at medium duty or on a transient cycle.