Test centres

All the processes developed in China are considered as test centres according to SIGMA's own procedures. These procedures allow us to guarantee the same parameters in our customers' production units.

We use a wide range of presses in test centres

  • Single material presses from 50 T to 2000 T
  • Dual material tests up to 1000 T (including our own Billon 320 T)
  • Babyplast tri-material presses
Our Sigma France team manage the tests directly and/or in close cooperation with Sigma China teams. This test management allows us to obtain an identical reproduction at the customer's premises.

Sigma is a complete and available daily service with field teams in the test centers. All our tests are monitored and managed by the French teams thanks to optimized internal communication tools.

The implementation of the SIGMA concept allows us to enforce procedures that are representative of European industrial standards.

Test centre equipment

Test centre equipment

  • Rotary base G2, G3
  • Robots - Robots
  • Thermal measuring device
  • Desiccant dryer
  • Heater - Heater
  • Furnace (quality)